ADDICTEd subconscious

I c who you are in the dark night ] [ edit ]
I c who you are in the dark night
Y don't you ever come out show yourself in the light
Its OK to be scared once in a while
Nobody wants to hurt you all they want to c is your smile
I'm not trying to make you do anything you don't want to do
But if you stay tucked away like a coward than only I will know the real you
Y is it only your mother and father can make your inner child come out
I know them stab wounds hurt quit fronting I know what your all about
Fifty what's that supposed to mean
Shit I've seen you ball like a baby from word of mouth bitch pass the green
Ya ya Eddie your a real good guy wanting to die
Tell me something I want to hear your gna fuck up soon and get caught in a lie
I only come out when your high or haven't slept so u say
This is your subconscious fucking with you slowly fading away
I'll fuck you up I'm not scared
Like ms paradise told u in front of your boys
You insecure fool I don't blame you for dragging her by her hair
Better watch out somebody will wanna play reeper and show you their toys
Till them listen to what you preach and stay strong
Quit telling everyone about your life esp your mom
This is not for anybody else but me
Not again I wish thaddictef conciousat voice in my head will die and let me be free ......
......words from a sub conscious addicted to substance abuse coming from a addict trying to break its chains and let loose ....;-/

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