addicted to happy

sweet Xanax, would you be so kind
as to heal my heart and blur my mind
just a temporary fix is what they said
one's too late
the other's dead
heavenly bliss, graze my tongue
hold my soul and make it young
Xanny, fill this corpse with flame
it's in your body
it's in your brain
if a heart can hope, and blind eyes can see
all of the sadness is forced to flee
feel the Happy for just a little while
the sun's a little brighter and
my heart's a little lighter
so here's a Xanax, two for me
one for you
maybe someone would listen
if I were dead too.

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This Poems Story

IMPORTANT!!!!! THIS POEM IS VERY METAPHORIC. MANY PEOPLE GET REALLY FREAKED OUT BY THE LAST LINE, BUT T'IS A METAPHOR!!! This lil' gem is about my struggle with depression, and how it feels to be on an antidepressant. that's it. seriously. 'addicted to happy' has a much different feel than any of my other works, like 'PAX', for instance. I wrote it a few years ago during a difficult time.