Addiction is so cold and so lame
it seems like it starts as just a game
It usually begins out by smoking a bowl
and ends as a battle for your soul
Just when you think you can not lose
you will find yourself singing the blues
You assume you know what's happening around you
but things happen so fast you really have no clue
When you thought you could trust the people that you meet
the floor falls out under your feet
You could possibly end up doing time
even for someone else crime
Struggling to sit still waiting for you turn
just to be led into the fire being told that it will not burn
Its no longer fun and games
when you realize you do not have control of the reigns
When all you waned to do not was have some fun
now you find yourself holding the gun
You might as well turn it on yourself though
Because if you don't get a grip that could be how you go
There are no directions to tell you how to win
you must choose to surrender that's how it's always been
Addiction will always be with you to the end
you just have to stay strong and fight me friend
You will have to decide if you want to do right not wrong
for your sake though I hope you don't wait to long

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