Diving into the deep blue sheets of sorrow,
Tossing and turning on this bed,
Yearning for the comfort it used to bring me.
Consumed by the lush satin around our bodies,
Entwining us as we sink into this sea of passion.
Tensions forming as we plummet further.
Nails dig into the spine causing us to spin.
As white ceiling tiles float above our heads,
I'm gasping for air.
The sheer netting around closes me in.
The pressure elevates us into the middle.
Hooked in his ocean.
Drowning in him.
Line snaps,
Reality setting in,
Regaining consciousness,
Reaching for my cigs,
"Get me a beer" rolls off his tongue as my smoke-filled lungs,
Protrude the silver glistening mist; consuming the blue.
I turn to my computer and start playing a song...
"Love is for fools who fall behind."
As he doses himself to sleep,
We lay silent and far away.
Drifting apart throughout the night,
But not too far,
Just enough until the line pulls.

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