Through the miracle of life i was granted a second chance.
Now that i'm back my minds been enhanced.
I see things like never before.
It's like i died and came back more raw.
I'm to determined, failure is no longer an option.
No more sitting back and just watching.
Chasing my hopes and dreams by any means necessary.
To all the people who left my side and were second guessing me.
I'm back better then ever and changing my own destiny.
You all counted me out and left my side.
Thinking i would just lay down and die.
But deep down inside i had way to much pride.
So i'm coming back with a vengeance.
No person, place, or thing will get in my way.
Determined by my failures and a special love that's in my heart.
These eyes finally realized i had nothing but fakes by my side.
When i look back at my past, it hurts but i suddenly start to laugh.
The anger and pain makes me who i am.
I'm turning into a better man.
I almost died twice but for some reason something saved my life.
I've seen to many people die in the last 8 years.
I'll strive to do my best for all my fallen peers who aren't here.
I love you all and wish you were all still here.
At night i sit back and write.
Thinking of all the people who were also seen through.
Who have been infected by this infectious disease.
That has brought all of us down to our knees from our own greed.
So i'll do whatever it takes to become what i know i can be.
No matter what i will not fail, I will prevail.

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