The room is spinnin,
My mind is twisted,
Conscience talkin, but I never listen,
Those are the voices, who am I kiddin,
Once the other runs out, I crave a new addiction.
From a bottle of truth, to a seringe full of hate,
I over do it at times, don't eat or sleep for days,
Memories fading, but not so far gone,
At the end of the day, I'm still all alone,
So I begin to create friends of my own,
With a little spoon and cotton to go on,
So much loyalty, and the love is strong,
I swear I have a problem and it needs some fixin,
I admit it, Yes I have an addiction.
Shadows follow me everywhere I go,
Paranoid most nights when I walk down the road,
Walking and walking with nowhere to go,
So exhausted I just want to rest,
If I don't slow down, I'll soon reach my death,
But where do I go, to reach out for help,
To get clean, that's my ambition,
Soon real soon, I won't have an addiction!

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