Slowly she decays, her body over flowing with the pills stuffed down her delicate throat.

Its an addiction of taking everything she wants, taking more then she will ever need.

She wears her heart around her neck, waiting for someone to crush it between their fingers.

She wraps herself in different personalities waiting for someone to realize how disgusting she truly is inside...yet no one ever sees.

Its an addiction of taking everything she sees, taking everything she doesn't need.

With a tilt of the head she ponders mindlessly, wondering why all this thinking never leads to anything.

Its as if her brain wasn't right...

so you see?
so you see?

Addiction is a self proclaimed thing

She takes and it gives
She gives and it takes
both getting what they want and need.

Slowly decaying, her body over filling with pills, she smiles and nods knowingly.

For addiction to her is as if she is a pill popper
Just one pill is never enough
....never enough




Slowly she reaches into her ribcage regalia and tosses her addictions across the floor

"OnE PiLl, tWo pIlL, ThReE PiLl, fOuR...all scattered across the floor...."

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