I was addicted to a drug so powerful
That it started to hurt after a while
It was like a million tiny knives flowing through my bloodstream
But somehow, it made me smile.

Once you get a taste, you'll crazy it for life
But this isn't your everyday THC
It will melt through your insides but make you happy
And I'm not even talking about ecstasy.

Masochism took me over
I kept doing it, and ignored the pain
The drug's consumed me
I only wish it was something insignificant like cocaine.

It swallowed my heart and took over my brain
And it filled me with a harrowing glee.
I knew I could never escape the addiction
Because she was doing it with me.

Experiencing it was the pinnacle of torture
I cried everyday because it hurt so bad
Once you start, you'll never stop.
Everyday of my life, I wish I never had.

You dab in it but you know you shouldn't
Because it's an inescapable craving that nobody can get rid of
It's the greatest drug of all
It's a hopeless addiction that we call love.

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