What a lie, I can't deny, how could you have fooled me?
I felt so strong, when really I was wrong, you saw right through me.
We had good times, which were always so short; why couldn't you have
warned me? The more I had, the less that was sad, there again you fooled
me. You chewed me up and spit me out, what a lovely way of dinning.
It didn't matter though, it was worth the madness don't you know?
How could you have fooled me?
In you came, out in vain, what a vicious cycle.
It became a game, that no longer could be tamed, how frickin original.
Bittersweet was the word, which always had this certain urge to curse;
Then along came its friend denial, its cover that could never be uttered.
Though the time had come, when no longer could I succumb.
It hurt at first, yet it was worth the release I received.
I lived years attached to a chain,
That left me in shame.
The truth was what I needed,
because never had I heeded.
Out of the dark, into the light.
I thank the Lord.

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