By Jae   

Feel it race, going numb
Got me beating like a drum
What I say when I spill
Maybe I should never talk
Stories end, people change
But I'm ripping like a page
I don't dream, I'm afraid
Seeing nightmares in the day
Say goodnight
I'm still lying awake by your side
And even though I know I shouldn't
I'm feeding the monsters I'm afraid to fight
Leave every bowl as empty as my promises
Just like the last time, I swore I'd get sober for this
Told you I fought ‘em, they tempt me
I'm begging to live
Hands on your shoulder, I told ya I'd get sober for this
Wanna drink, wanna smoke
Wanna feel it in my throat
Then I sink, then I choke and I realize that I don't
Unafraid, feel it rise
Baby you can bet I'm high
Then the pain, let it ride
I been aching this whole time

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