It comes and
It will never stop
Words don’t stop the desire
Actions do
So the question is
What are you willing to do?
Are you ready to be uncomfortable?
Are you ready to kill your flesh?
Words never tell
The more you speak of restraining yourself
The next second you see yourself in that very compromising position
They come in sevens
They push you to the wall
You are trying to drive away from
Change doesn’t come unless it hurt
Are you ready to tell?
Guardians, counsellors, parents
Like it or not
The consequences
Always turn bad but for good
You think not stopping
Makes you feel part of a special culture
Do you want to be used as public examples?
Do you want people to look at you with scorn?
If that doesn’t speak to you
Jail sentence
If that doesn’t speak to you
What about eternity
Hell or Heaven
One is filled with regret, grief, pain, death
The other is filled with joy, happiness, calmness , eternal life
After all what is the use of satisfying the flesh
When its going to fade one day
What’s going to be your fate?

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