“Addiction Released”

Its funny how all the dope boys in the hood be like what up Nikki, I haven't seen you in a min,
and you're like I let go of that life of sin,
I put it in the past and do not plan on turning back,
because the f it attitude it gave me I realized was whack,
I begin to feel better the more days I came closer to being clean,
I never thought Id make it past the third day,
I thought me wanting to quit would always remain a dream,
now that I have passed seven days,
it has already been things in my life God is making straight,
blessing after blessing doors opening what can I say,
you don't even know you are reading a poem from a poet lol I got word one of my poems will be published through mail just the other day,
All I could do was cry tears that brought my painful cries to an end,
and I finally cried tears of joy and ready for the life of mines that is about to be sooooo much more,
had to let go of friends and make great sacrifices,
but hey Im just playing the game called life and rolling its dices,
knowing in the game of 21 I'll always win,
God said he who was last shall become first,
guess who got the victory in the end--NSW ‪


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