Addiction War

My life took a turn for the worst or at least i had thought.
What it really was is my mind the devil caught.
He made me think that my life was coming to an end.
He made me think that he was my one and only friend.
I started getting thoughts of horrific things.
I started drinking doing drugs this is what it brings.
He laughed and stood by my side the whole way.
Telling me that things were not going to be okay.
Then Jesus stepped in and said " My child I have always been here"
You closed the door on me , you should have no fear.
I started to cry as I listened to the calm soothing voice,
He said the drinking and doing drugs is not your only choice.
The devil stepped in and said it will make you feel great.
and Jesus said "It's only temporary ,you have a fate.
I started to cry as I knew the truth to be,
that Jesus was the one and only who could set me completely free.
I gave my heart to God and cried mercifully,
The Devil got mad and tried to harm me.
He sent 10 more demons to try and persuade me into taking a hit,
But I called upon Jesus and he said just to sit.
I waited and sat like he told me to do,
then the devil backed down for a minute or two.
Then the devil said ya know this wont last forever,
and your doomed for depression to take over.
Jesus said to me, ignore the devil you will always be my child
and in the end you will be eternally free.

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