Addiction’s Hold

I feel the winding hours drop away,
My face aglow in Apple's shining light.
If only I could stop the charging day
From its maddening descent into the night.
And yet the logic of food and rest I resist
As though I never knew my mood is best when i desist.
O why is it such a challenge to meet a worthy beau?
Or just a human with an earthy soul?
Everyone's broken.
Everyone's broken.
Me? I'm the worst.
Unfixable, unworthy, unhealthy.
I nix a bullshit advance from a player
In it for himself, like every one of us.
And so I push onward -hours, days, mornings.
It's evening again.
I ignore my body's warnings.
I used to be strong and sure, happy and free.
And now I long for more, but fear I will not see
Those carefree days of yore.
Just the tsuris yet to be.

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