“Adieu!”- Say Not This Way.

(A celebration of life- On being inspired by Tennyson.)

Tomorrow, when I'll leave,
Save some tears for me
For, though the stars will miss me then,
They can never feel like thee.

The moon may weep, the sea may sigh,
Solitude may veil the eternal sky,
And nameless birds in springs heaven high
May utter my name in a forgotten song.
Still, as I leave, my steps will weave
A net to gather all I long.

The place where I'll go,
Every moment will be of 'today' there, I know.
But yet, those gracious pangs of past
Will win over this philosophy, I bet, at last.
So I will stand and stare at you,
Before starting my boat to row.

Then, as I will behold the gleeful swan,
I'll turn back to see your face.
The tears you stored, now to a smile will give place!
And I'll mark my journey a merry one.

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