Admired Beauty

As beautiful as the coming day

Set it's wonderful majestic ways

Happy to see the dawn and the coming of the sun

Taking in all of the effervescent rays to be rejuvenated

Never to be torn apart never to be segregated

The wonderful life bringer to all that live

To the foliage, to the air, to the clouds in the sky to the fantastic spirits who yearn to thrive

The amazing beauty that one flower brings

The smell that makes your heart sing

The hypnotic glow given with sunlight

When your world upside down makes everything feel just right

Never to look away but forever to take in

If you don't appreciate such beauties that's truly a sin

From the darkest night to the brightest day, to the bottom of the ocean to the very top of every mountain

Thinking that such beauties only existing dreams

From the beginning of every book to when you're only reading them for their themes

Live life, appreciate life, take it as a blessing dream

Stop to smell the flowers that's what I call admired beauty

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