When flames engulf the one who betrayed you,
what then? Satisfaction o’ercomes the one who
sent them; anyone can bottle resent; for the sake of
Rhyme, I force myself to match – match words as if
they were brides and suitors. Lo! Look at their

Meaning, does it arouse feeling, does it stir
you? A few maybe, as a newborn baby;
cry away tears that have gathered inside,
use them to skry visions of the Divine; most of
the time – sublime, at others, prophecies of

Destruction; do not be ashamed at volcanic
eruption, the world needs reconstruction.
Faces will burn, pain will ensue, worry not, the
Worldly Infancy is born for you. Views become
undone, their ashes blanket the ground. No

Cities, no towns, not even frowns; no sad-
ness nor glee before thee, humans – extinct.
when Earth bottles resent, it will, in time, be
released. What time is that you ask? Well, my
friend, does the ground quake beneath your feet?

Tread with care, do not betray the shadows
become aware, do not force the Rhyme
listen to the air, do not let it sleek bye.
with that I depart but remember this:
these are but words full of emptiness.

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