Adolescent Flame

We fought bravely,
We fought as we never had before
The clash of swords tinting the Summer air
As the spray of love tainted our souls
we fought with daggers to our sides
As arrows launched into our hearts
God knows we ran out
Out of our self assuring smiles
We broke free of our chains
Launching ourselves off bridges
Just to see if we would float
Grew out our souls
To see how much they would sell for
Our self depreciating humour,our only shared trait
Keeping our eyes wide open
So we'd never miss our fate
Let our dreams rise
So we could rip them apart
Smoke in our lungs, so when we exhaled
It would be something besides our own darkest fears
Guess we were all the missing links
Between heaven's saints and hell's worst offenders
the charms around our necks
Wrapping tighter and tighter
Guess the alcohol fueled us
The flames that burned us up alive

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