Adolescent Living

There's so much potential within you.
I look deep within your eyes.
You have dreams,
But you're lost.
Once a good kid walking, standing tall,
Falling to the enemy outside the house walls,
You scream in distress when you see how low you've gotten.
You ask, is there even a way out now?
Have you forgotten there is a good and bad in this world?
You're an inanimate object
Thinking you're living life because you're drinking and smoking.
That is not what it is to be alive.
You're showing no sign of a productive life.
You try to be seductive,
But have you not seen how unattractive you've gotten?
It's like you've rotted from the inside out.
You hear Satan's whisper in your ear,
Baby girl I got you now, there's no way out.

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