I remember being an adolescent smiling.
I was so proud surrounded by peers who were constantly stressing.
They never told you at firstthat your first choice could be wrong.
That same choice that would lead you to second guessing.
Even being parented by the best doesn't necessarily
means that would mold you.
Some of the best kids came from parents that never would hold you.
When you're younger you're suppose to grasp onto life materials.
Noticing in the light you've been driving down the darkest road.
You didn't know the Devil was steering you.
As a child you're always surrounded by people
who are suppose to protect you.
Later on in life you learn they were never then when
you needed them.
Find your self growing older to only respect few.
Seems like throughout life the ones you want to be with most,
are the first ones to neglect you.
Sometimes it's hard for me to forgive ,
but I'll show you how easy it is to forget too.
Things I've learned in my past I use them now in my present.
So hear me and get the message,
things I've learned as a child I Still use,
so I still live my life as an adolescent.

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