Adopt Don’t Shop!

Zena was my name,
playing was my game.
Suddenly abandoned and alone.
With nobody to call my own.

Now I had no home.
The shelter floors were cold.
I don’t know what I did,
For you to disown me.

I’m brown and white,
I didn’t want to fight.
Used me and abused me,
Which wasn’t right.

Dogs and cats were not sold:
Isolated day after day with no one to hold.
All I wanted was love and affection.
But the shelter was your direction.

First day after day went by,
Then month after month slowly crept by.
I still wasn’t adopted!
Until one day a human came by-
and heard my cry.

Couldn’t walk by,
And not hear my cry.
Big brown eyes and floppy ears,
Brought the human joy and tears.

Kind eyes finally saw me.
Finally, someone to stand by me.
They took me out and let me play,
I wasn’t sure if I was going to stay.

Oakley is my name,
Now playing is my game.
No more cold stone.
But sunshine and a place to roam.

Saved and adopted me.
So glad they caught me!
I now have a home,
Even a human to call my own.

I have my own room.
The floor is no longer concrete and cold.
I now have a comfy bed,
With my very own blanket to snuggle and hold.

No longer a cage with no joy!
I have a box full of toys!
They squeak and screech,
As I roll and play.

My owner watches me as I grow older.
I have three cats and now a little puppy at that.
Lilah is her name,
Now running and playing is our game.

I’m here to stay,
I’m here to play!
I’ll be by your side,
Each and every day.

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This Poems Story

About an abandoned pup who was later recued and living life to the fullest as a puppy should.