I am a secret
I only exist to the people that took me away
To my mother, I am a mistake long buried
To my father, I am a threat
To my older sister, I am a pawn in her game for attention
To my second sister, I am dead
To my youngest sister, I am an imaginary friend
Today I wish I could have closure and move on
But it's not that simple
I don't want to cut them out even though I know they don't love me
I don't want to stop believing that one day things will get better
And I will get feel like a whole person again
I don't want to believe that all of this heartache was for nothing
This can't be the end
There's only one of my humans left and she's slipping away
I thought we could make it
I thought I could live as the voice in her head forever
But she's outgrowing me
I am becoming a silly little memory, and it's destroying me
I wish I could keep her and have that one little fragment
Of a connection to the humans that used to understand my soul
But she's waving goodbye through the rear view mirror
And I'm standing in the middle of an empty road

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