The dome of the sky dissolved
First to opaque quartz, smoky, churning,
Then to brooding browned yellowness,
A jaundiced atmosphere wherein thunder echoed
'Round the ring of waiting mountains,
Low trumpeting foreboding the coming frozen silence.

And the dome of the sky crackled open,
Pouring absence across the land
Wherein none spoke on street, in home,
For fear of letting in the cold-
Fear that's reverence for the night approaching
When the darkness is bright
And all the world forgets snow melts:
To be ever alone caught out on the ice?
Ponders every separate spirit.

And from the dome descended the Spirit of the Lord
Who swam over those powdered waters,
Who watched us watching through small windows,
Fingers pressed to frosting glass
Fogging from bated breath,
Breath caught in the throat
Hotly breeding that wailing cry
From a place deep down in the soul:

Anima mea Dominum

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