ever heard that saying don't throw stones if your home is made of glass?
or how bout don't talk shit to a person you know will whoop ur ass!
how bout the company you keep is the name u will carry
don't commit a crime if you plan to sing like a Canary
don't bite the hand that feeds you, is another good one
how bout time flys when ur having fun
what about beware of the feet you step on today, for maybe the ass ur kissing tomorrow
don't steal now and later pretend to borrow
how bout talk less n listen more
what you think God gave u ONE MOUTH N TWO EARS FOR?
one of my favorites, if you can't admit it FUKN QUIT IT!
ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings in any situation!
don't take any actions without proper preparation
if you knew Betta you'd do Betta
if you can't see eye to eye then be prepared to go toe to toe
life's to short take it slow
don't take things that don't belong to u
don't speak on people if u ain't walked in they shoe
think before you speak no need to scream n shout
taste them words before u spit em out
if you ain't heard any of these quotes
your welcome feel free to take notes
until the next time I decide to write
that concludes my lesson for the night

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