Advice From Fifteen-Year-Old Me


There is no such thing
as bad poetry, even
if someone does not like
how you arrange your lines,
your breaks, your commas
or periods.
So what?
Whatever you wrote meant something to you,
and that will always be true.
So do not be frightened to pick up that pen.
Write and do not stop until
your pen, and your eyes,
run dry.


There are many things you cannot change
no matter how hard you try.
But nothing is forever.
So do not sit down and admit failure.
Never give up and cry out in defeat.
You are more able and stronger
than you believe.
So always keep trying,
harder than you knew you could,
even if things may not change.


It is not always your fault.
Your brother is in a difficult position,
without you,
but that is not your fault.
You never asked for a failure of a father.
Your mother smokes and sometimes,
your mother drinks,
but that is not your fault.
I know it is hard to wrap your mind around,
but that is how some people handle stress.
And look at how far she has come.
She has recovered exceptionally well
for someone who has been through hell.
Some people are broken,
and as it is with broken toys,
they are always more fun to play with.
No matter how well you get to know them,
they may always be broken,
but that is not your fault.
You cannot fix everyone,
but it is tempting to try.
So always keep trying,
harder than you knew you could,
even if they may not change.


Never love half way.
Do not give a fraction of your heart away,
and except a whole heart in return.
Trust your heart and hand it to a lover
in its entirety.
If it breaks, it is easier to keep all the pieces together,
when there are more and they are bigger.
Healing will teach you a new lesson every time.
If it doesn't break, then be good to the heart
your lover sends to you,
because it is difficult to trust someone,
with something that is so often taken for granted
and loved merely half way.


And never, ever -


tell everything you know.

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