Advice To The Grieving

By JennB   

“Grieve! Move on! Don't linger in this mess.
Pick yourself up. It's just life's little test.
And don't keep mentioning it either! You make us all so sad.
I’m obviously uncomfortable for you to talk about them like that.
Oh no! Not again! Anything else! Please don't shed a tear.
I know it sucks, but keep it tucked. We don’t cry around here.
Hey listen! Are you hearing me? I said I'm here for you.
Next month, or maybe next week. What more can you expect me to do?
Wait! Please stop! UGH! What’s with all the tears?
Wow! I didn't know you needed a shoulder AND an ear.
You really should clean out! Do away with all their junk.
Just dive right in! It’ll help get you out of this ol’ funk.
Go back to work! Pretend that you’re okay.
Act like it never happened. Really, it’s just another day.
Don’t make me leave my comfort zone. It’s not ONLY about your pain.
You’re being selfish and needy. True concern is hard to feign.
I’ve pretended as long as I can! To be honest, I don’t really care.
I didn’t think you’d take THIS long. For me, it’s just not fair.
So yeah, if you could, just move along with life.
It’d make it so much easier on me. You can do that, right?”

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This Poems Story

After the passing of my father, many of these things were said by well-meaning people. Yet, while trying to be kind, it often felt as if there was an underlying message of “hurry up already”.