Aemulator de cupid

He dances in a mandala of wisteria,
And wears the sunshine like a coat.

Deep molasses-amber set within is eyes,
Rose-golden rubies bejewel his cheeks.

Within him can be found the soul of a child
Wearing an ear-to-ear smile,
Offering petals of dried lavender
From hands that radiate gold,
Pouring from his heart
As it floods his soul
With each bout of laughter he exchanges.

What a monument
To the beauty of life,
My love is!

No greater a temple were ever more fit
For so immortal a being,
Than that of my own soul.
May it be dipped in gold,
And its walls be adorned with
Murals of our life together.
May every cavern and hall be
Smudged with Patchouli;
And may glistening light pour through
Crystal of ceilings high.
May a fountain of ambrosia flow through his
Gardens and grottos,
His fields of blossoms and beasts.
And, may there be, amidst all this grandeur,
A throne of quartz, under an ancient willow tree
Where my life’s truest love may reside serenely within me.

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