Aeneid Revisited

You became Aeneas to me,
Aeneas, whom I worshiped like the first taste of love,
And let linger on my tongue too long.

Carthage curved under your fingertips
Beautiful and raw, filled with honey, and saffron, and
Clothed in silk.
I repainted every wall for you, Aeneas.

I knew of every storm that had battered you
On your journey to me, and loved you more for them,
Thinking that this great queen would be made greater
For calming every ocean in your eyes.

Aeneas, you promised me forever with your lips,
And I returned it back to you over and over again.
We shared more kisses than a pomegranate has seeds.

I saw you rebuild your ships across her cheeks,
Unaware of the kingdom I had surrendered for you,
You held me close and said you'd never leave,
But the next day you were gone.

Oh, I built my pyre.
But I was no Dido.

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