Affection And Direction

The first tiime I ever fell in love I was too young
I did not know all of my times tables but the tables we turned on me
To me love at the time was the color of red not clear in my heart
Clear to see that people only loved me because I was nice and easy
Tricked like a joker not know the meaning of each joke being told
The lies of lives that took me and hooked me on to their games
The nights get lonely and I need someone to love me
We have different wants and needs are certain ages and paths
I care too much and I do not know the meaning of not caring
Hearts are to live on and be fulled not emptyed by the heart breakes
You never loved me just only for my company
Is it the clothes I wear, where I am from or is it the way I act
I have fun with no one that likes me for me
Math is my subject but why does 1 plus 1 equals no one
The world is a cruel world that mistakes evil as people
Tattoos are forever until the covering up is a major cost
Being told by anyone that they love you is a questionable doubt
Looking to find a person who loves me I will not know how to react
Why did you walk out why did you even come into my life
People walked out on me that's why I hate walking
I am a reflection on my mom and dad the days will come for me to marry

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