African-American History

Liberty is a boon, so you just might want to cherish it
From the 1619 Dutch ships, it's been a fight for African-Americans
From Banneker and Wheatley going against the grain in America
The merit that they attained gained praise from Voltaire and Ben Franklin
But they still thought that blacks couldn't think
so they kept the fettered in iron clad chains
But headstrong they remained
Rebellion was a medium that freedom was attained
In 1800 there was Prosier, in 1822 there was Vessy
In 1831 Nat Turner, which got a little messy

Then there was Douglass
who broke away from the proclaimed slave breaker, Edward Covey
Who wrote his name in eternal flames by
going against the grain to gain what he wanted
Johnson, Grant, and Hayes hated him during reconstruction
Nevertheless he reconstructed the structure of
what others perceived to be a democratic republic

54 Brown vs. Board, 55 they killed that Till boy
In 63 they assassinated JFK. Civil rights in 64,
voting rights in 65, all thanks to LBJ
But don't think that everythings ok because in 68 they got MLK. Damn

We hold these truths to be self-evident
The fruition of King's dream was not a black president presiding
On the basics of a nation still faced with racial prejudice

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