African Spirituality

African Spirituality

What is African Spirituality?
African spirituality is a way of life in Africa
African spirituality honors African ancestors
African spirituality is not anyone’s cup of coffee

Our ancestors are not to be worshiped but they’re to be honored
Our ancestors are to be respected, cherished, valued, admired and appreciated
Our ancestors are not demonic, They are part and parcel of African Spirituality
African beliefs form our African Spirituality

African spirituality believes in love and family
African spirituality was a pride to our late grandparents but now
African Spirituality is not respected by the very grandkids of our grandparents
African spirituality is under attack, you know why?

Some say no, this religion of yours is so backwards
Some say we are worshiping the ancestors
And some say it is demonic
You see everyone always got something to say about it !

Spirituality is loving, spirituality is divine
Spirituality is not new, it has been there
It has been our African way of life

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