After Dark

Creativity becomes a custom to create
late night writing when the mind is stimulated
A shortcut to your make believe magical dreams
Ordeep thought that leads to deep regret
Late night write
Late night fight
I have only 1 confession
After 3am nothing matters to me
It is what it is because it's a new day
A fresh page
Remind me society sees mes an outcast
i'm nothing more than Jesus's whiplash
pick up the pieces of the torn skin to sew yourself a quilt with
Run quickly as you hide from the nights danger
and that anonymous stranger
Because You'd be better off if he weren't black
As if color defined personality
Late night writing
Die hard trying to reach your destination
of desperation
And shame yourself when you fail
Real life true situations all reveal
the cruel world of being black in america.
Late night write creativity becomes a custom to create.

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