After effects of war

After effects of war

I look in the mirror and what do I see
The face of a soldier, staring back at me

I might look the same, I can still see and hear,
But what people don't realise, is that I'm hiding my fears

The shadows round my eyes, hide the death and destruction I've seen
The horrors I've been through, at night haunt my dreams

I can't tell my family, they wouldn't understand,
The voices in my head, play like a brass band

The images of war, invade my sleep,
Go round in my head, like a record on repeat

The old me is long gone, he left when war came
And the man who came back, just isn't the same

I'll keep these feelings hidden, I'll try and get on with my life
Do my best for my children and my devoted wife

I'll never speak of what happened but the war will take its toll,
For though it may be over, it'll always be imprinted on my soul

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