After Senioritis

As the day fades my dream comes into view
Oh no go away, please not you!
This is not the time to be reminiscent,
looking at the old me with much resentment.
I wish things would have been different.
I wish I wouldn't have been so distant.
Maybe I would have been the homecoming king,
Dancing in the middle with my elected Queen.
The thought of my past always leave a little sting,
all I have to show for 4 years is a little ring.
The thought alone brings me to tears,
because I never got over those tiny fears.
The old me really grinds my gears
for wasting space for all 4 years.
I wish I wouldn't have been afraid of rejection,
Showing out for attention only receiving ejection.
I couldn't be a school leader because of a rigged election,
popularity over transparency what an easy selection.
Come on now go!
I've had enough I'm tired.
Now I'm all depressed is this what you desired?
No then just go!
There's no room for you here.
I wish I would have been loved by all of my peers.
I acted and told jokes for all those years,
Just for my opinion to fall upon def ears.
But all the bad turned into good because it really changed me,
Without acceptance I evolved as life reanged me.
So Old me, old me
Won't you please leave me be?
I've now become a stronger man
It's time for me
to set you free.

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