After she was raped


She moaned beneath the bright sky,
For her body was spoliated.
Evoking the sight, she cried hard.
For the rapist asked if she enjoyed it.

Everyone could stop her from wearing fragrance,
put on a miniskirt and apply her veil.
But no one could stop her tears,
when she was asked about the molestation detail.

She was pathetic deep inside her heart.
As she was turned dead alive from a doll.
She never wanted to recall that face and those dirty hands,
And for that she didn't thank God but the Rohypnol.

She found herself spiritless and weirdly different.
Since all other girls were still shining like stars.
But she was unaware of the fact that,
she was still gleaming like the moon , full of scars.

-Mehak Khan

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