After the Blast

The cosmic brew percolates, scatters elements
across time and space. Celestial signals of immense
scale broadcast patterns — spin gas into stars,
dust into planets, arrange galaxies, invoke gravity’s pull.

Unchecked the universe stretches, fulfills its decree —
formulates oxygen, carbon, hydrogen . . .
produces Marie Curie, Einstein, rain forests,
Jesse Owens, and the foals of Man o’ War.

Planet Earth, so slight within the heavens,
so large among men — the remarkable, the ordinary,
the wicked, the righteous, the desolate and the joyful,
co-destined, translate as one into history.

What of collapse, a return to genesis —
an occurrence beyond man’s grasp. Who stays, who goes,
who will have been witness at the beginning and end,
who renders a verdict, seals the archives?

Is there a watchman, someone to keep a vigil,
until somewhere a youthful new universe surges
in fresh dimensions — restless, reaching,
in search of its boundaries?

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After the Big Bang.