After The Last Glacier Is Gone

The guilt of my failed relationship
weighs heavy upon me like a glacier.
Once I was nestled high
cradled in the basin of your heart.
Now I sink lower as the
hanging glacier recedes.
The glacier plows memories down the hillside,
Grinding down mountains and valleys.
It forms moraines of shared history on the sides
and carves out you-shaped valleys.
Thick, deep crevasses crack in the surface
as my ego struggles to release you.
Tears melt shedding from my heart
creating a turquoise-colored tarn.
My anger at myself causes
the glacier to calf.
Huge thundering booms
pierce the uncomfortable silence.
Pooling water waves as
disturbance of self-pity dirties my
vision in a milky-white liquid.
Although, the love was seasonal
the forgetting of you is geological.
I'll still love you even after
the last glacier is gone.

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