After the Storm

As time passes on through each moment of ease
to finally exhale with serenity and peace
I find that my journey has come to a divide
a road I must travel as it continues to unwind
The fear and anger that crossed my path
The years of torment, tears and inevitable aftermath
Has made me stronger, wiser and independently free
Now here I am uplifted, loved, just wanting to be
So wise spirit, guardian angel that watches over me
Please take my hand gently and guide me through the winds of change
keeping me steady through the storms
and the challenges I have yet to engage
Help me hold on to the kindness, peacefulness, and love that I possess
Never losing sight of my faithfulness, joy, self-control and humbleness
For I have learned to dance in the rain as I look up to the sky
Never once doubting my destiny, never asking why
To be happy and free spirited is the most precious gift we endure
So yes I am grasping this gift and not letting go, for it is precious and pure

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