After the Summer Wind

By Ariana   

I feel your heart beat on my chest
I feel your breath, it puts me to rest
and when you go, it's hard to know
if I'll ever find a way to get it back

These tears come down, and lift me up
If you take my hand, I'll learn to jump
You can't break my heart, it's already broken
You can have this day, it's just a part
in my story, in my life
in my dreams, we have today
let's waste it away

I'll wrap these memories around my head
Wait for you in my bed
the summer wind is strong for now
to let you go I don't know how

We would shut off the lights
and drive out by the fields
talk about love
make a deal
to stay together forever, or at least for awhile
we would make it work, each and every mile

I'll always come back to you, it will be okay
the last words you spoke, echo to this day
your too young they say, to feel this way
you are too old you see, to understand him or me

One more time around
before the winter wind blows to town
sometimes being apart makes a love strong
but sometimes hearts apart feel so wrong
I'll count the days back to you
I'll count the dreams we talked through
just hold us close to your heart
the though that we will never part

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This Poems Story

First love found and lost in a summer.