“After You” (a poem)

By Stephanie Pierce

I eventually found myself in truth. I think about my own sometime; a willowy pattern in darkness, for a battle of wits. Of unspeakable wisdom, adversity.

There was spiritual work to do. I cannot let go of the energies invested in what I believed about you and what happened to you. I stood unafraid as we discuss supreme paradigm, holding natural delicacies

Long lasting lost touch with its tulle and effluvious style. Pull him up to the steps in a real authority as a familiar man, I as a young woman getting the best within itself in the shadows of what I understood to be a meaning of life. Time was odious as it proved as it enveloped eyes that would never see the beneficence of prevailing minds, of which I have no wealth.

Brown eyed, when these two had lost touch with their commitment as I forged forward towards no regrets. The components of anti-trust in the depth of its conviction was torn from its form, to avoid an expensive paradigm.

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