Seeing colors flash before me,
Watching people change
It's all a surreal feeling
But in retrospect, it still hurts each day
Laughing just feels like dying
Crying just feels worse

It's painful to know that I’m dying
I’m trying to get noticed now
I wish that I could be flying
But I’m just falling down

Looking at your face seems nostalgic
Such as a slap from the past that stings forever
Watching you breath heavily
I walk out the door as calmly as one can
For I know this was the last time I held your hand.

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Key Words : crying, laughing

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This Poems Story

This poem is telling a story about how fast a relationship can change, how bad it can hurt, how much it hurts when you\'re not with them, how one feels inside when their insides have been flipped inside out and stomped on the ground. This poem is my fraction of pain.