Again I Say

That I was heard, Then it was said
Because I spoke , Words I say
Just seem to provoke , And hurt each other
We hate one another ,
But made each other into what we are today
again I say
the color red id never
what I heard was spoken out
loud ,said proud
to me
my ears bled, my heart shed, the color red
I'd never seen
and then again I say
what I've already said
sometimes I get so mad
I would scream, but who'd hear?
I would run, but where would I go?
I don't know.
And then again I say
and all the joy is sad again
a story with no beginning or end
as I sit in my bed
and the voices in my head
aggravate me, I know they hate me
as they provoke me, I wish they'd choke me
so that I couldn't say
again, what I had to say
but no one listens anyway.
again I say.

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