Against All Odds

From the moment I was told that I had conceived, I was overcome with joy that I was a mommy to be,
Then without a warning, that scary morning came, when I began to lose everything I thought I gained,
Blood covered the bathroom floor as tears covered my face, then the next thing I know, I was being told that help is on the way,
At only 5 months pregnant, I was threatened by the statistics of prematurity, and the chances of your survival rested on the side of uncertainty,
As a first time mommy, all the odds were stacked upon me, but in my heart I knew that you wouldn’t give up on me,
So against all odds, I left it up to God, let the doctors speak as the Lord preached resolve,
121 days of giving it my all, and finally I was taking you home, no more incubator, respirator or monitors, hello world and goodbye to hospitals,
Because against all odds, we beat every obstacle

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This Poems Story

This poem is dedicated to my oldest daughter and the scary experience I endured with having her prematurely.