Ageless EverAfter

Plethora, Shakespearean if you will, these were the scenes, & life in them put both the writer & poet on edge.
Involvement was their passion & words was their sword.
Strong criticism & critiques, the feedbacks of reciting amateurs was a mile long.
Emotional, personal experiences, opinions & philosophies, the constant transitioning & transforming to a more polished society.
It's almost privy to be among many having artistry, liberate or not, is one million times as important.
Our founding Fathers whom sat among the ancients were learning to be just like them.
Their madness, drove our madness to pick up raging bad language, fueling, foolish impure thoughts to the ugliness hidden within.
With drinking & partaking in inappropriate behavior.
Along with that smell & thick lingering smoke in the air of a good cigar scent.
Then burning that old midnight oil all the way down until it couldn't anymore be lit.
The acquired poetry of today is still compared to make a thousand years look easy.
Begets leads to more begets, that unique poet mood brings on a unpleasant migraine.
Just how did the ancients do it i wonder? Perhaps keeping secrets uniquely locked within.
Or was it like David, God's chosen anointed? He was fascinated with writing Psalms.
And to Michelangelo, he was obsessed with the gift of painting high ceilings.
A threshold is still a threshold like an ageless beautiful bottle, neither has nothing in common.
Either by branding or saving it for generations to come once opened, it's loses it's value, the expressions gone unnoticed.
This too, long after Christ & from our ancestors of long before.
Beit Literary enthusiasts, writers & teachers alike, they all had something in common.
And so we've inherited something unique & poetic, that's been handed down from our ancestors.
But be very wise to interpret what have been written long before.
So it's said by Solomon,
yes the son of David. Wiser than any man alive in his time, was granted wisdom from God.
Nothing in all the world is better than wisdom, in which God gives freely from the heavens Above.

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This Poems Story

The Wisdom of GOD as written a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like a day to The LORD. Amazingly these words are still here, ageless ever after.