Aging gracefully!

Purchase your daily paper..
From the newspaper stall;
Put on your reading glasses:
The 'Headlines' : read them all!
Go to the comics section,
And laugh and laugh with glee;
Solve a riddle or a puzzle or two:
Be as active as can be!

Though slow, and with a cane maybe;
Don't miss your daily stroll:
Feel the breeze; hear the birds chirp:
Embrace Nature as a whole!

Hum a tune; reminisce the words;
Softly sing the song, maybe;
Whether in your 60s, your 70s or your 80s...
You still have a lot to see!

Age with grace for not everyone...
Lives till one is old...
Or, young enough to walk half-a-mile,
Or travel once a while:
Live your last days on a farm or in a fishing village..
Having someone to cook and clean;
Enjoy the rustic abundance:
Gardening , rod-fishing , and sighting birds rarely seen!

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This Poems Story

This poem is the sequel to another poem by me: \'Old age\'.