What's a warrior without a fight?
What's a fight without the pain?
I see the fire in her eyes,
That can endure all the sun and all the rain.
I love feeling that heat,
I see how fierce she can be.
All that determination and strength,
That's a combination that no one can defeat.
But what do you do when the call comes too close?
Do you keep on fighting,
Or do you say it's once and for all?
Oh naive mind,
This is when you brawl out the most.
Her integrity and endurance is her key to survival,
Her intelligence and wits come quick.
"She's Stonewall Jackson with Albert Einstein's mind."
She's combining history, making a new revival.
This is my oath to you,
Her smile is her greatest weapon.
The effect is dangerous and aggressive,
It would be feared even in Armageddon.

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