Agony [August 31, 2015] [* Note]

Warning: Viewer discretion advised! This poem is extremely graphic. Do not read further if you don't like blood or gore. If you continue, you assume full responsibility for the content you have read.

The Victim is chained, he stares
In this empty room bound to a chair
Dim light creates evil shadows
In the darkness enclosed
Forever, he is exposed

In the darkness he awaits
For his master to bring his torture case
When his master walks in
The procession can soon begin

The Agony is excruciating
As blade rips through flesh
Exhilarated and insane
He watches old wounds turned fresh

He is but a slave turned into meat
Saw shreds through his bone
As the blood mixes so sweet
His master cracks a smile on his throne
As the slave whispers with a groan

He is tortured and beaten
Could be dead, but heart still beating
His master enjoys splitting slave's skin
And finds Joy in tormenting slave's kin

The master stands with hands stained
As slave lays with arms chained
The master's lust never satisfied
As the Slave lies here, waiting to die
Body raw, Meat severed
Blood dripping, Still waiting
The slave is powerless to struggle
As Master prepares to separate muscle

Tools spread out, Gloves on
The surgeon starts at dawn
Slave closes his eyes and braced
For what comes next he couldn't face

One by one he cuts tendon
And severs muscle with his weapon
He scrapes and stabs, tears asunder
The slave roars, mighty as thunder

Last comes the gutting
As the surgeon grabs his bucket
Then tears open intestine
One by one slave loses section

The slave passes from the world
As his blood gushes upon the floor
The master wipes off the gore
And throws away the meat he tore

Then, the master finds a new slave
As he finds a new stone to engrave
For blood, he will always crave
Ignorant, the new slave was brave
In the morning, a new stone was made
For there the master did lay
Inside his bloody grave

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