Agoraphobic Walk

The air is torn from my lungs,
as I realize I will have to go soon.
The muscles in my legs grow weak.
My heart beating rapidly since noon.
Speckles of light now fill my vision,
slowly dancing around to seal my fate.
Shadows in my head shout out loud,
"This is why its you they always hate!"
My palms are hot and dripping sweat,
while they shake violently on their own.
The little monsters run around in my belly,
their racing circles upon my face are shown.
I haven't even walked out the door yet,
and all this reaction I cannot begin to stop.
The worst is yet to come when,
important things come up to the top.
Mentally my race began the time when,
my innocent life was taken away.
Others in my path decided to continue,
to beat and mold my mind this way.
Never was told I was worth the time.
Alway been locked up inside my mind,
because inside me there is no crime.

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This Poems Story

There are many people that live with mental torture that comes with any phobia. The list of fears seems unending some days. Its never bad to help others understand what it feels like. This really helped me understand my fears.