The sickness is killing me,I'm dying inside
from one moment of pleasure, now all I do is cry.
His touch was over whelming, I couldn't believe my eyes
this beautiful, amazing man with a secret to hide.
What was it about me that had him going crazy?
Was it my personality
my sexiness,my smile
my inner beauty that drove him wild?
Or was it just out of anger,a revenge so sweet,
A memory of how someone cut him so deep!
I think of a lot of things
but nothing comes to mind
all I can think, is maybe it was my time.
But I don't want it to be over!
I don't want my life to end!
I wish I could take it back to the day it began!
But I can't,so I cry
that's all I can do
I made a mistake, I didn't listen to you.
I trusted someone I thought cared for me,
our nights of passion was all I could see
But I have to move on,
I have to be strong,
To me my life is over,
but it's still going on,
I'll live and I'll laugh
until God calls for me,
but knowing in my heart
That will never trust ANYBODY!

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