Her eyes never saw how others used her;
Really never listening or ever knowing.
Her visions were a bit fuzzy; her sight always a blur.
She had an inner ear issue for what they figured.
For everything you told her she believed;
Trusting little words and every tiny whisper.
Her lungs were just too small and breathing labored.
She tended to hold her breathe quite long;
Waiting for love to do her such favors.
Her heart, although healthy, skipped many a beat;
Being left caught in the air with strangers;
After they had swept her off her feet.
She walked a little funny, kind of a loosely steer.
She always walked back to her past;
Her reasons were never stated clear.
She had her ailments thinking she was hexed.
She was going to be better next time.
She’s protected again and for what comes next.

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